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Graph and Gram: A Musing

Hey there! I'm Jared LaMar of LaMar Creative.

Welcome to Graph and Gram, my blog. This is a space where I can share a little piece of the way I think with you. I'll focus on words, images, and ideas that get my blood pumping or my thoughts moving. If you're interested in things like pictures made of pancakes, building logos out of sand, little story scraps, or the other hot thought soup that comes out of my daily life, I'd check in from time to time.

These are moments in time I use to inform my work, and if you pay attention, you may even see some of the inspiration from this blog used in my work. Break and fix, analyze and synthesize, destroy and create. I constantly maintain a flow of reducing things into their parts and putting them together in a different order, in a different form, or pattern. If you want to flow with me, be sure to share this blog with a few people. The more people that see it, the more I'll be able to dedicate to getting inspired, and to writing this blog.

I appreciate your readership. Please like your favorites, and comment if you have anything to say. And as always,

Much Love.

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